Herbal Cigarette Reviews

Getting rid of tobacco smoking is undoubtedly a big challenge for people who are addicted to it. Though smokers are aware of the harmful products smoked products contain, they find it really hard to quit this habit. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of herbal cigarettes, you now have a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. By doing some online research, you’ll come across plenty of herbal cigarette reviews, most popular brands available and how they can help you quit tobacco smoking.

The best part about herbal cigarettes is that they are made up of 100% natural ingredients and are free from tobacco, nicotine and other harmful substances. Below, we’ll talk about herbal cigarettes, what ingredients they contain, user reviews and how you should choose a brand that’s best for your requirements.

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Why Herbal Cigarettes are an Excellent Alternative

Before you read all those reviews and user feedback on the internet, let us first know how herbal cigarettes are a perfect alternative to smoked tobacco products. Herbal cigarettes are so named because they are made up of a variety of herbs which are completely safe. A number of companies are producing herbal cigarettes, which are free from tobacco and nicotine. They are a great alternative to conventional smoking because they offer smokers a similar stimulating sensation as felt by tobacco products like cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

Ingredients Used by Herbal Cigarettes

When you go through the herbal cigarette reviews, you’ll come to know that they use a wide range of herbs or natural ingredients like cinnamon, red clover, menthol, mint, jasmine, vanilla, rose petals, marshmallow leaves, honey, apple juice etc. The red clover used in herbal cigarettes actually works as the substitute for tobacco used in smoked products.

All these ingredients are 100% natural. In fact, each of these herbs is chosen to enhance your health. For example, red clover is a time-tested remedy for curing bronchitis related problems in human being. Likewise, marshmallow leaves are known to cure a range of respiratory and urinary functions.

Popular Herbal Cigarette Brands Available

If you are determined to quit tobacco smoking, you have a wide range of herbal cigarette brands to choose from. Before you make a choice, it is essential that you have gone through a lot of reviews. Feedbacks from users who are already using a particular brand can give you a good idea about the overall quality and satisfaction level of that herbal cigarette brand.

Popular brands you’ll find include –

  • Herbal Gold
  • Honeyrose
  • Honeysuckle
  • Guocao
  • Jambi
  • Ecstasy
  • Luci
  • Han Cao
  • Herbalette
  • NosmoQ

User Reviews & Advice

As discussed above, don’t forget to read multiple user reviews before you make up your mind to buy a specific brand of herbal cigarettes. This will ensure that you choose a herbal cigarette which matches your individual preferences and personality. Check all the flavors and colors available before you order your pack of herbal cigarettes. What’s quite obvious, however, is that herbal cigarettes are healthier and free from harmful substances like tobacco, tar, carcinogens, nicotine etc. Herbal cigarettes are not meant for providing you pleasure, but an alternative to quit your habit of tobacco smoking.

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